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Hardwood floor provides a pleasing surface that makes your home interior stand out from others. If you are looking for the perfect sydney hardwood flooring style, you may get confusions. As there is a large variety of patterns, it is difficult to choose one among them.

The different styles of hardwood floor that you can find:

1. Blackbutt wood: 

It is one of the most popular hardwood flooring styles in Australia. It is available in a large variety of colours and is easy to match most of your surroundings. This is a beautiful and sustainable flooring option. 

2. Blue gum wood: 

The large species, blue gum grows to a height of 60 meters or more. It comes in the shade of dark pink to red-brown. The grain of blue gum timber is generally straight with slight interlock. 

3. Southern blue gum wood: 

It is a kind of blue gum timber that comes in a pale brown shade. It also has interlocked grain. 

4. Grey gum wood: 

This type of hardwood tree grows up to 40 meters high and 1 meter in stem diameter. Grey gum woods come in a rich red shade. It is extremely durable and ideal for your hardwood flooring  in Sydney 

5. Spotted gum wood: 

This tree grows up to 60 meters and is 1 to 1.5 meters in diameter. It has a moderate texture with interlocked and variable grain. Spotted gum woods come in pale to dark brown or chocolate shades.

6. Red gum wood: 

It is significant to use in hardwood flooring in Sydney for its strength, durability, and red to reddish brown shade. Red gum tree typically grows along the rivers and resists submersion for long period during the flood.

7. Forest redwood: 

This wood is suitable to use in a wide range of its reliability. It has high density with tightly interlocked grain. 

8. Red ironbark wood: 

Like the name, it has a dark red shade with a fine texture. You may find its usage in limited applications as it is very hard to work. 

9. Jarrah wood: 

It is popular for its dark red shade. The tree has long and straight trunks with rough bark. With its sturdiness, the wood can repel pests and fire. 

10. Mahogany wood: 

Due to its durability, colours, and termite-controlling features Mahogany has become the most valuable wood for hardwood flooring in Sydney. It comes in rich brown and red colour. It is water-resistant and scratch-free too. 

11. Turpentine wood: 

This wood comes in a reddish brown shade and is very difficult to burn. It is another sturdy and durable hardwood with interlocked grain. 

12. Western Australian karri wood: 

It is one of the tallest hardwoods in Australia and grows up to 70 meters high. Karri wood is suitable to use in an environment of stable climate as it changes according to heat and humidity. 


 The hardwood flooring in Sydney has great popularity at present and grow more in the future. It is highly accepted for its sustainable and eco-friendly nature. You can contact a genuine hardwood flooring company to know the cost of different wood materials.


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