Sun, May 19, 2024

Bagged vacuum cleaners are available as an add-on to our existing product range to meet the needs of a variety of applications and customers. The commercial cleaning industry may be confronted with cleaning tasks that include unpredictable volumes and types of soiling. Bagged vacuum cleaners are better ideal for these tasks since they do not cause damage to the vacuum cleaner itself.

Ideal for toilets:

With a bypass motor, our bagged vacuum cleaners with a bypass attachment are ideal for use in spaces where liquids are prevalent, such as bars, locker rooms, and toilets. A little leak should not be a problem since the electric motor is designed to withstand small spills without damaging them.

  • Prevents cross-contamination:

When it comes to preventing cross-contamination or dust allergies, the Bagged vacuum cleaners employ encapsulated double-lined paper bags that provide high levels of filtration with little dust contact and are convenient means of disposing of the debris in health and age care facilities. Introducing our newest bagged vacuum cleaner, which is also the lightest, largest, and most powerful machine we’ve ever produced.

  • Long motor life:

For building service companies that handle large, long-term cleaning contracts, having a Bagged vacuum cleaner with a long motor life is crucial. Using our Impress bagged vacuum cleaner’s long-life motor means you’ll need to replace it less often, saving you money on replacement parts.

Updated filters:

  • Undoubtedly, filters of Bagged vacuum cleaners must be updated or cleaned regularly if they are to function properly. 
  • When disposable paper bag filters are used, the labour costs involved with cleaning cloth bags may be reduced or perhaps eliminated.
  •  When compared to cloth bags or HEPA motor filters, disposable paper bags are far simpler to dispose of dirt, and they provide an extra level of filtration while also producing 100 times less soiling.


As an example, the bagged vacuum cleaners utilize a lightweight single-stage “Eco” engine, which results in a weight of just 4.4 kg for the whole vacuum cleaner system. It is considerably simpler to move a vacuum cleaner when it is packaged in a bag. Cleaners who go from site to location and vacuum dirt disposal may encounter difficulties. 

  • Reasonable cost:

An excellent seal on the bin lid of bagged vacuum cleaners helps to prevent dirt from pouring out of the machine while it is in transit. Yet, we are conscious of the ongoing price of vacuum cleaner disposable filters, which we include in our bagged versions wherever possible. The Impress and Excite vacuum cleaners have an open-ended paper bag design, which helps to keep prices low. These are high-quality filters at a reasonable cost.

  • Crushproof features:

However, because of the bigger capacity of the vacuum but you can use bagged vacuum cleaners for longer periods with them. The crush-proof hose is antimicrobial. Microbes found in vacuumed dust might get entangled in the hose’s twists and turns. To combat stink, the antimicrobial hose additives eliminate such microorganisms. Thicker materials with greater wear resistance and stiffness are used to create “crush-proof” features.