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A perfect safety barrier is a must when you go for drilling a new swimming pool in your backyard. Given that so many accidental incidents have taken place near pool areas over a long period of time, the Australian Federal Government has made it mandatory to establish a strong fencing system around the swimming pool areas. Quite interestingly, these safety protocols have gone down well with most homemakers in suburbs like Kirrawee. 

Secondly, your safety protocols must comply with the following:

  • Pool fencing must be strong enough to resist any difficult situation or external threats.
  • It should be made from materials like steel and glass to name a few.
  • The pool fencing established should be at least 1200 mm in height and non-climbable.
  • Above all, your pool fencing should be provided with an appropriate gate system with all child safety norms.

On the other hand, frameless glass pool fencing in Kirrawee has been the cynosure of all eyes in areas like Kirrawee. Its great features attract the people greatly.

Benefits From Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Are Limitless

Well, what will you benefit from? How are you going to benefit from frameless glass pool fencing? Such interesting questions can be answered as follows:

  • Unique & appealing: Made from tempered glass panels and stainless steel clamps, frameless glass pool fencing is elegant and stylish. To put it simply, it can be a beautiful addition to anything like a patio, deck or garden. Apart from providing security benefits, it literally gives you the perfect view through the transparent glass.
  • Children are safe: Frameless glass pool fencing is made in such a way that it prevents your kids from accessing pools by accident. Besides, it is climb-resistant, just adding to the safety quotient.
  • Space & property value: Fascinatingly enough, frameless glass pool fencing makes your backyard look larger than it is. That is the enduring magic of the magnificent presence of this fence. Second, your property value will get a big boost with the addition of frameless glass pool fencing that increases your curb appeal.
  • Installation & maintenance: Well, it is easy to install. Couldn’t believe this? It needs no big tools and equipment. Instead, all you need is some steel clamps to give support to the frameless glass pool fencing. It has no complaints of rust and dust. Hence, only less maintenance is required of it. All you can do is to simply clean the glass with pure water and some cleaning agents. 
  • A fit for all: Glass panels can be cut to any shape and size or moulded into whatever shape you need. This is the reason your frameless glass pool fencing has been able to go with any layout as such. In short, your personal needs can be fulfilled through its various styles.
  • It is here forever: This fencing system is incredibly strong and sturdy as it is made of tempered safety glass which is almost six times stronger than normal glass. Unbreakable and free from all kinds of damage, frameless glass pool fencing is set to last much longer for a lifetime.

What else can one expect? What more can he benefit from? In other words, the benefits this fencing system brings are in abundance.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing For Kirrawee

It is an encouraging trend to see most homeowners switching to frameless glass pool fencing for the sake of safety norms in their pool areas. This is something appreciable and worthy of emulation by others too.


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