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Buying automatic window blinds means you need to take a decision on many aspects. Remember, it is not just about the fabric colour and the design, it is about a lot more. For example, one of the main reasons for buying an automatic blinds is to have comfort. This means you need to understand the various operating systems available and then make the right choice.

We are sure you know the advantages of automatic window blinds and that’s why you are reading this blog – to understand the precautions that you need to keep in mind for buying automatic blinds.

Here’s a 10 step guide that will ensure that you select the best components for your automatic window blinds.

Step 1 – Check the brand reputation of the blinds

Since automatic window blinds are about cutting edge technology, you must choose the market leader. Remember, premiumness always comes at a cost, but it is a cost that is worth the money. There are many brands in the market that have very economical & cheap automatic blinds options. But purchasing them would be purely at your own risk.

Step 2 – Understand the various options of control systems available

Ensure that the automatic window blinds can be controlled by a wall-mounted unit as well as by remote control. While the wall-mounted control unit is a good option if you are standing near the window, the remote is important when you are far from the window, for ex. When you are watching television.

Step 3 – Can the blinds be controlled through a mobile app?

All of us use dozens of mobile apps every day. From booking a cab to ordering food, we depend on apps. So why should the world of automatic blinds be any different? The beauty of the mobile app is that you can control your automatic window blinds from anywhere across the world. Also, in case the remote control stops functioning, you still have an alternate way to control your window blinds.

Step 4 – Do you have voice assistants at home? Check for their compatibility with voice assistants

People are buying voice assistants devices like never before. We are not saying this out of our gut feel but rather backing this claim with proof – Amazon Alexa is the best selling device on And, Google Home Mini is also one of the best selling devices on Flipkart. When people have these devices, it’s important that you have an automatic window blind system that is compatible with voice assistants. The best part about voice assistants is that even your little ones at home can control the window blinds without needing the remote control.

Step 5 – Dive into the feature details

Programming your favourite window setting is the biggest comfort in automatic window blinds. Imagine your blinds open at precisely the same time every morning! And, also close at a preset time every evening! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? If you want to enjoy this comfort, ensure that the automatic window blinds come with this feature. The automatic window blinds offered by the world’s most premium window blinds company also allows your window blinds to open and close with sunrise & sunset based on your location. Isn’t that amazing?

Step 6 – What do you do in case of a power failure?

Many cities of India suffer from power outages once in a while. If you live in a place that faces frequent power outages, then ensure that your automatic window blinds can also be operated manually in case of a power failure.

Step 7 – Ask the expert about the power of the motor

You might need to take the help of an expert here. You must ensure that the motor is power rated to the sufficient levels required to smoothly operate the weight of your window blinds. If you are buying a premium automatic blind, then you don’t have to worry about the motor power because premium window blinds brand has a motor with a very high power rating.

Step 8 – Motor Noise

A powerful motor doesn’t mean a noisy motor. The mantra here is ‘Quiet is wonderful’. Take a demo and experience the motor noise for yourself. If your motor makes a lot of noise, you’ll refrain from operating the blinds while activities such as watching television. All this means you will not have the comfort you desired.

Step 9 – Power Source

How is your motor powered? If it is battery powered, it would mean periodic maintenance and also the ever-looming threat of the battery unit getting spoilt.

Step 10 – Customer Support

Last, but not the least, customer support plays a very crucial role. Ensure that the company has a presence in your city and can provide good customer support when required. Remember if your automatic window blinds break down, you’ll want to have good support. Else your experience would be very disappointing and you might not look at installing automatic window blinds ever again.

Whether you stay in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, Kolkata, Agra or for that matter any other city in India, if automatic window blinds have been on your mind, we suggest you walk to a nearby store and take a demo of the world’s best automatic window blinds.

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