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Crowns and bridges from a dentist are not only cosmetic but are of immense help in restoring the dental function of an individual. If your teeth are damaged, decayed, cracked, or chipped, you must seek consultation with a dentist and get the necessary treatment. 

A dental crown is a cap that goes over the damaged tooth. It will appear like a natural tooth & will match the colour of the surrounding tooth. Moreover, your dental function will be restored. Eating food with a damaged tooth is uncomfortable, but when it is covered with a crown, you will not have such issues. 

On the contrary, bridges take the place of missing teeth to restore dental function and improve the smile. It must not be confused with dental implants. It is the dentist who will help you to understand it clearly. The bridges require crowns that act as an anchor to fit inside the mouth. Thus, for crowns & bridges in Burwood, visit a renowned dentist. 

Which procedure is appropriate?

When selecting between crowns & bridges, Burwood, the choice entirely depends on the state of an individual’s health. If no teeth are missing, you might not require a dental bridge. Instead, the teeth need a crown to cover the damaged or destroyed part.

You will not need a crown if the teeth are in good condition. On the contrary, the dental bridge is considered the best option if the teeth require extraction or if several teeth are missing. 

When most of your teeth are missing, you may require a set of dentures. The dentist understands the appropriate dental treatment an individual needs and which treatment will benefit the person most. 

Digital dentistry

Experienced and skilled dentists are trained in advanced techniques. They possess in-depth knowledge of 3D CAM/CAD technology that provides patients with impeccable results within the shortest period.

Using CAM/CAD technology, the dentist can plan & make implants, crowns & bridges in Burwood & other treatments using a digital model. It is much more comfortable for the patients & a time-saving dental experience. Technology is indeed a boon to the lives of humankind as massive advancement has taken place in the medical field, and dental treatment is not an exception.

Take prior appointment

When you need to seek a consultation with a dentist for crowns & bridges, make sure to make a prior appointment. The crowns and bridges are appropriate for improving an individual’s cosmetic and functional dental health. 

Crown gives coverage to the existing tooth while the bridges are designed for replacing missing teeth. It is the dentist who can suggest the appropriate process for you. Thus, pay a visit to the clinic and get the treatment done. Book your slot with the dentist either online or over call. It is worth having a prior discussion with the dentist for thorough planning.

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