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If you are happy with the home but feel that the space is too small to accommodate the growing needs, extending the home will be a good idea. For successful home extensions in Coogee, you need to follow a few tips that will guide you in extending the house and utilizing the space in the best possible way.

  1. Hire the builder

The project starts with searching for an apt builder who knows and has experience completing several home extension projects. Such a builder can help you to plan the entire project and start working on procuring the permits from the related authorities. 

  • Depending on the scale and shape of the new house extensions plan, experts will then produce the papers to the local council to get approval for the project. You need to find the builder who is ready to go the extra mile to procure the permits and keep the legal side clear.  
  • The professional should have the creative mind to visualize and design the perfect plan. If the expansion does not utilize the space to the maximum possible extent, then there is no point in extending the space.
  1. Balancing function and aesthetic

Perhaps the most difficult part of executing the house extensions is maintaining the right balance between improving the aesthetic and enhancing the functional space. You also have to do your part by telling the builder why you need the extension. The design will depend on how you plan to use the space.

  • Adding the extra space should not look awkward, and there should be a smooth transition from the original space to the added space. 
  • The functional performance of the space should be as per your expectation. Usually, the addition is for a definite purpose, and the builders ensure that the completed project successfully serves the purpose. 
  1. Discuss with neighbours 

When you are planning the home extensions in Coogee, it is good to have an informal chat with the neighbours. You can place your proposal and allow the neighbours to place their objections if any. If the objections come after the execution of the extension, then it will be a problem. So before investing, ensure that no one will raise any objection against the expansion.

  1. Be creative

Nowadays, every homeowner plans to expand the interior space on getting the chance. Then how can your project be something different from the others? It can be some quirky creative idea or some different shape of the home extensions in Coogee that can be a significant factor in your home.

  1. Make the focal point

Are you planning to draw the attention of the visitors and guests to the recently added space? Then it would help if you mentioned to the builder that you want to make the expanded area the focal point of the house. In that case, the builder can add something special that will definitely be unique and naturally be the focal point. But you have to ensure to maintain uniqueness in the space to make it a special part of the house.


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