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Whenever planning to choose timber flooring gladesville, most people will have a specific pattern, colour and grain texture in mind. The best thing about hardwood flooring is that you don’t have to worry about getting lookalike materials. Each wooden plank comes with a separate design and grain pattern, which is completely unique to its own self. So, no matter whatever design you have thought of, you can be sure that it will come in one and only piece.

But, apart from that, there are 5 major things to consider while selecting timber flooring:

  1. Feel and look at it:

Well, timber flooring is one significant investment to add to your home. Natural beauty can work as a foundation for the feel and look of the interior. It helps to add texture and character that you cannot get with any other option. Timber flooring can easily suit any interior style, right from contemporary to rustic, eclectic to modern, and so much more. It will match the feel and look that you want to create with your home.

  1. Aim for durability:

Now, it is not that hard to state that timber flooring gladesville is one big investment from your side. So, you don’t want your new floor to end up with dents, scratches or easy stain. Dent resistant is dependable on two major aspects, which are the finish and species of timber chosen. In case the species is soft, then even the hardest finish will not be able to stop that from denting. Oak is one hard and reliable timber meant for flooring. That’s why; most floors are made out of oak.

Moreover, the scratch resistance is solely depending on the hardness and finish type of timber flooring. Stain resistance, on the other hand, can depend on finish type but also level flooring texture too. Some of the oily finishes can absorb liquid, which results in a stain. So, be sure to be aware of this point while aiming to get one.

  1. Practicality to address right now:

For the majority of people, practicality is always of high importance. Nobody has time, especially these days to clean their floors all the time as it shows up every bit of dust and dirt. For that ultimate help with practicality, it is better to avoid the very dark or light colours and with some little variations. So, make a way to choose a style with various colour tones instead of flat colour. The safe option to address is the naturally uncoloured oak of timber flooring gladesville. There are various textures and tones in flooring, which will help you to hide maximum imperfections well. It can add just character to the final product.

  1. Aim for longevity:

Before you plan to invest money in flooring, be sure to know how long you want that floor to last. Whether you are in-between house or creating your forever home, you have to select the flooring option accordingly. Generally speaking, the lifespan of timber flooring gladesville will depend on the wear layer. In case the wear layer is thicker, the floor will have more time to sand back and refinish. So, you can expect a longer lifespan of such floors. Now, these thicker wear layered flooring options will be pretty expensive. So, a smaller budget won’t do in this regard.

  1. Go for the construction too:

In case you want the timber floor to stay in its tip-top condition for the longest period of time, then engineered flooring is one way to go. There won’t be any shrinkage, warping, cupping or even bowing when you have this option handy. The engineered layers will remain on the backside of the boards. It helps in resisting movements on the floor and will keep the boards true and straight. There are various ways in which you can construct the engineered floor. The best options will have a base between 6 and 12 cross-directional layers. The main goal of these layers is to restrict movement within the flooring.

These are five of the major points to address while looking for timber flooring gladesville. If this is your first time ever buying such floors, then this article will be of great help!


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