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Many women in their reproductive age often face several problems in conceiving. There are several reasons for infertility. Lifestyle change, stress, physical problems etc are some of the most common issues that are usually associated with infertility. The best IVF clinics suggest that around one-third of the infertility cases are due to infertility issues in Women, another one-third due to male factors and remaining due to combined factors.. Hence, an understanding of the cause of infertility can help one to diagnose the problem and seek timely treatment from the IVF centre in Mumbai.

Here Are The 5 Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

  • Ovulation Issues: The best IVF doctor in Mumbai suggests that ovulation issues can be one of the greatest reasons why women may not be able to conceive. Ovulation issues occur when there is a problem in egg fertilisation. The ovaries are not able to mature the egg or unable to discharge a mature egg. This phenomenon in medical terms is called premature ovulation failure. 
  • Endometriosis: Endometriosis is the condition when there is a problem in endometrial tissue. Endometrial tissue is situated in the lining of the uterus. When the tissue outgrows the uterus, it blocks the fallopian tubes leading to a problem in fertilization. Many IVF centres in Mumbai perform surgery for endometriosis with the right combination of fertilization treatment and IVF to overcome fertility problems.
  • Low-Quality Eggs: The quality of eggs plays a very important role. Lower quality egg production may lead to fertility problems. It can hinder the conceiving process. Moreover, the number of eggs produced and the quality of the eggs after the age of 35. Fertility treatment and IVF process using the donor’s egg or the donor’s embryo can enable one to conceive and combat this issue. 
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: PCOS is one of the most common issues that the majority of women have. It causes infertility and delay in conceiving. In PCOS the tiny follicles in the ovaries do not grow bigger. The follicles are unable to discharge the mature egg. PCOS is widely associated with hormonal imbalance. The best IVF clinics suggest some minor modifications in the lifestyle such as diet, exercise, infecting fertility drugs, IVF and ovarian drilling while treating the patient with PCOS. 
  • Tubal Factors: In many cases, the tubal factor is one of the major causes of infertility. Tubal issues such as blocking of fallopian tubes, damaged tubes obstruct sperm from reaching the egg. It can also avoid fertilized eggs from reaching the uterus. The issue with the tubes can be due to sexually transmitted infections, Pelvic inflammatory disease, sterilization surgery etc. To treat tubal factors the IVF centre in Mumbai can suggest surgery, followed by IVF. 
  • Unexplained Infertility: Many natural and undiscoverable factors can also lead to issues in conceiving. The combination of different factors can lead to fertility problems. Unexplained fertility issues often take a toll on mental and physical health. It can cause unrest as one does not know how to treat the same. An initial consultation with reputed IVF clinics in Mumbai can enable one to understand the cause of infertility and the possibilities of IVF success. 

The Bottom Line

Fertility issues are grave. However, they can be treated with the right combination of the treatment plan and IVF process. It is essential to associate with a leading IVF clinic in Mumbai to battle fertility problems and embrace parenthood. 

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