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As a homeowner, you might want to invest in something that ensures durability and enhances the visual appeal of your home, when you plan to renovate your home. Benchtops are the centre of attraction and you need to pick the right countertop material if you are building a kitchen from scratch or simply remodelling one. Now, there are a plethora of options available in the market when it comes to benchtop materials. While some of the materials like quartz kitchen benchtops are quite very much popular because of their excellent properties, some others are less popular because of their costs. Let us throw some light on the countertop materials and their properties to help you make a wise decision and pick the material that fulfils your needs in all aspects. 


When it comes to the elegance and look that the benchtop can offer, there is simply nothing better than the marble benchtop. Although marble benchtops are slightly costlier than quartz kitchen benchtops, it is the luxurious look and distinctive veining that make it one of the most popular traditional choices in households that have lesser budget constraints. It significantly improves the aesthetics of the entire home in general and the kitchen in particular. Moreover, it uniquely stays perennially cool and thereby, stands up to heat quite well. Moreover, it adds much value to your home and also increases the resale value of the property. In addition to all of these, it is available in a wide range of unique choices making it easier for you to choose the most appropriate benchtop for your kitchen. 


Another promising benchtop material is granite that has a beautiful mottling. The material offers a plethora of patterns found naturally on its pieces making it unique and they are all available in varying colours to meet the specific needs of any kind of kitchen. The best part about this material is its ability to withstand knife nicks, wear & tear, splashes, and heat. When you take care of the countertop and maintain it properly, you will experience the far-fetching benefits of granite benchtops in the long run. Undoubtedly, granite is one of the most favourite benchtop materials for homeowners who seek the material with unique features and truly stands to meet up to their expectations. 

Stainless steel 

Who does not want a countertop material custom-made to perfectly fit their kitchen? Well, stainless steel is the ideal choice of material for commercial kitchens and guarantees a look tailored according to your needs. Because of its indestructible property, the material finds its use in high-traffic kitchens and restaurants. Moreover, the material resists bacteria and heat while offering a distinctive look to your kitchen. This material is best for industry-style and contemporary kitchens. Over the last two decades, this material earned popularity and changed the kitchen styling trends amazingly. 


The quartz kitchen benchtops are one of the most popular choices for most homeowners these days. This is because these engineered stones that are made up of up to 93% quartz and bound by resins are the best balance between the beauty and elegance of a stone and ease of maintaining it. These are available in a wider range of options than natural stones be it in terms of colour or pattern. One of the best benefits of quartz kitchen benchtops that make them such a popular choice is the ease of maintaining them as most people do not have much time and energy for maintaining the benchtops. Moreover, although the investment might seem to be a high commitment, the durability of these benchtops makes it worth the investment in the long run.


Another popular material that you can consider choosing for your kitchen benchtop is the relatively modular and inexpensive tile. These benchtops that are quite budget-friendly and offer resistance to stains are a great choice for someone who has a limited budget. However, one must understand that unlike engineered quartz kitchen benchtops, these benchtops do not carry much esteem and are even prone to cracking under impact making them the undesirable choice for the long run.


Thus, after considering all the above options, one can make a better and more aware decision about the benchtop that they can opt for according to their preferences and situation.


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