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Surgeries are something that every healthy human being wants to avoid. However, it is not always possible to avoid surgeries, especially in a state of emergency. The very thought of Merrylands dental surgery may give you cold feet.

But there are conditions when surgeries are unavoidable. Know about these conditions to make the right decisions at the right times. 

#1. Oral Cancer

One of the most common reasons that can lead you to dental surgery is the detection of oral cancer. It is almost impossible to view the growth of a malignant tumour within the buccal cavity of a patient. The same applies to tumours growing in the throat too. 

A patient may come to know that the person is suffering from oral cancer only on visiting the dentist for some regular check-ups. Fortunately, most tumours in the mouth are removable. But you need to undergo Merrylands dental surgery under expert professionals. 

#2. Merrylands Dental Surgery For Extracting A Wisdom Tooth

Even the wisest person on Earth can suffer from the pain of a Wisdom tooth. Extraction of wisdom teeth is a common affair among teenagers as well as young adults. The removal happens usually during the adolescence period, between the ages 18 and 24. 

The large molars are probably the leftover from early ages when the human oral cavity was bigger. You need to plan the extraction only after the jaw has completely developed. So, the Merrylands dental surgery will aim to remove the wisdom tooth only after all the permanent teeth have developed. 

#3. Pain In Temporomandibular Joint

TMJ pain can be excruciating and can occur due to several reasons, including

  • Arthritis
  • Jaw clenching
  • Other problems in the jaw. 

It is essential to plan oral surgery if the TMJ pain is extreme and there is no improvement after the traditional first line of treatment procedures. 

You can get much relief from the Merrylands dental surgery that will release the pressure on the joint. 

#4. Sleep Apnea

Don’t be surprised if your doctor suggests dental surgery for the treatment of sleep apnea. Often it is the best corrective treatment plan for patients who did not respond to other treatments like CPAP machines, medications or mouth appliances. 

Oral surgery can help in overcoming the structural issues in the mouth or dental structure that may have contributed to sleep apnea. 

You can also undergo the surgery for sleep apnea if your tonsil or uvula is large and hinders the breathing process during sleeping. Similarly, it is possible to move the tongue forward or place a corrective rod right into your soft palate. It will keep the airway free from obstructions. 

Know The Process Well

But before undergoing the Merrylands dental surgery, know thoroughly about the process. What are the things to do after the operation? How to prepare for the surgery? What is the recovery period?

Unless you get to know all these answers, you should not proceed with the surgery, a good planning will not only help to recover faster but will also add to the success level of the surgery. 


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