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The whole idea of not discussing bras straightforwardly generates myths and misunderstandings. So, before you start spreading another one of those ridiculous misconceptions, we decided to clear the air by exposing the top ten Bra Myths That You Must Stop Believing Now; scroll down and keep reading!

  • When you Sleep in a Bra, your Breasts Perk Up.

Many women believe that wearing a bra while sleeping helps to keep their breasts perky (cheerful). However, this is a massive misconception. It’s not only inconvenient to keep your girls restricted 24 hours a day, but it also doesn’t make them perky.

  • Underwire Bras Up Breast Cancer Risk

There is absolutely no evidence to date supporting this myth. When some researchers suggested that these bras retained toxins in the breast tissue and increased cancer risk in the 1990s, this myth arose. However, this was never justified.

  • A Light Coloured Bra is Less Visible.

Most women believe that wearing a white bra under a white shirt hides their bra. This is not the case. Wear a bra that matches the colour of your skin as closely as possible if you wish to remain undetected. Try MYBRA padded bras in nude colours to make your bras blend with your skin colour. 

  • No Bra = Saggy Breasts

The majority of women feel that not wearing a bra causes their breasts to sag. However, this is a myth because not wearing a bra just restores the shape of your breasts and does not promote sagging, despite claims to be contrary.

  • When You Sleep on Your Side, Your Breasts Become Uneven.

We all have one breast that is naturally larger than the other. Sleeping on one side does not affect the size of your breasts, and this myth is untrue.

  • For Bigger Boobs, Wear Training Bras.

Training bras, like sports bras, are made for comfort and have nothing to do with the size of your breasts. They don’t do anything to cause breast enlargement. So, if you’re wearing one for that reason, don’t bother at all.

  • Bras have Fixed Sizes.

No, not if you’re experimenting with a new brand, fit, or style. Bra sizes, like other apparel items, vary and depending on the design or brand you choose, you may require a size lower or larger. Buy affordable padded bras from MYBRA Intimates for the perfect bra size.

  • Breast Cancer is Caused by Wearing a Bra to Bed.

As stated earlier, there is no convincing evidence that wearing a bra to bed causes breast cancer, whether it is underwire or padding. You are free to wear one if it makes you feel better but be assured that it will not cause cancer. It would be best if you weren’t concerned until you see lumps or changes in your breasts.

  • It’s Okay to Machine Wash Your Bras.

Yes, but only if you wash them carefully, as a standard machine wash regimen may ruin the cloth and damage the hooks. Hand-washing and air-drying them is the most excellent option for lifespan.

  • The Bra Band Size Isn’t as Important.

True, your bra band is responsible for keeping your girls in place. As a result, ensure it fits properly and doesn’t ride up your back. The ideal band size is one that you feel at ease wearing on the first hook.

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